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Dalren Models

Welcome to my website dedicated to high quality scale models, built by myself, Dallas Hall. I mainly focus on automotive subjects, but occasionally span out to other areas like aircrafts to hone specific skills, or models like the Ford Escort Rally car to learn weathering techniques. These models are all in my personal collection, although a number of the models displayed on my website have been built as commissions. Although some of my earlier work was more 'basic', my main drive now is to try and create a realistic looking model, so all of the work has additional detail added, either scratch built, or after market.

Please browse my galleries to see my work, and use the contact page if you have any questions or comments.


What goes into it?

Every part is primed, painted and detailed, with attention made to even the smallest of parts. All of the models have extra work put into them, from engine wiring and detailing, additional aftermarket parts modified and fitted or scratch-built items added. For the more basic models, parts are detail painted and shaded to create the illusion of depth and reality. There is always something a little bit different to add to each one.


About my Gallery

My Gallery is a selection of the models I have made over the years. I hope you take the time and enjoy viewing them. More models will be added as they get completed, along with some older ones so please keep an eye on the 'Coming Soon' section to see what models are coming up.

If you are interested in what goes into each model, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook where my work in progress is shown.