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Ferrari 250 GT California









The Car

The Ferrari 250 California was originally designed in 1957, along the same lines as the other Ferrari's using the 250 series name. in 1960 the 250 California was updated to provide sharper handling using the short wheelbase chassis. Powered by a 3 litre V12 engine that was shared with the racing models, producing 276hp. The 250 California has a big pedigree, with current values putting them in the top 10 most expensive cars.


The Model

The model is built from the 1:24 Italeri kit. Due to sharing parts with the racing 250 GTO model, there were a number of alterations required. The main areas being the interior. The seats were completely wrong so they were reshaped. Using putty, a worn leather effect was created to replicate the real version. Seatbelts were added with ribbon and photo etched buckles. Door pockets and handles were scratch-built using sheet styrene and metal wire. I also added PE switches on the dash, along with an ignition key and flocking to represent the carpet. On the outside, all the kit chrome was stripped and re-painted to provide a less toy-like appearance. PE was used to replace the numberplate, windscreen wipers and wheel spokes, with turned aluminium hubs and rims.

Completed March 2016


Ferrari 250 GT California