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Ferrari 250 GTO














The Car

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the best Ferrari's, and one of the best cars ever made. It is also possibly the most expensive. Built in the early 60's for racing, Ferrari managed to compete having only built 39 examples, even though the regulations stated that at least 100 examples must be built. Ferrari eluded the regulations by numbering the chassis out of sequence to appear there were more cars than there actually were. All of these cars are still accounted for.


The Model

This is based on the 1:24 Revell kit. The moulding of the body is not very authentic so was modified heavily at the rear to make a more accurate representation. The nose was also modified to flow correctly like the original car. Photo etched parts were used throughout the interior to enhance the appearance, and also full spoke, metal wheels were substituted for the plastic kit parts. The petrol cap was replaced with a metal part with photo etched brackets. Scale fabric was used on the seats to reflect those in the original car. Doors, bonnet and boot all open to show the detail in the car, including a fully replicated V12 engine.

Completed August 2010


Ferrari 250 GTO