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Ferrari F40









The Car

The F40 was the last car that Enzo himself signed off. Following the end of the Group B racing that the Ferrari 288 GTO was built for, Enzo Ferrari used the remaining cars to develop a car for the road, which was to become the F40. Powered by a twin-turbo V8, the F40 was the fastest and most powerful car ever to be sold by Ferrari.


The Model

Built from the Tamiya 1:24 kit, and a number of aftermarket parts, no detail has been spared to produce this replica. Carbon Kevlar decals have been used throughout the interior and engine bay to replicate that found on the real car. The engine benefitted from a number of photo etched parts, and additional wiring to enhance the appearance when on show. The suspension springs were replaced with real metal springs and the plastic wheel nuts replaced with fully working threaded bolts and nuts. The interior had seatbelts added, and a number of photo etched parts used throughout.

Completed October 2011


Ferrari F40