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Ferrari Tipo 500




The Car

The Ferrari 500 was built specifically for Formula 2 racing in 1952, following changes to Formula 1 being dropped for that season. This was the only car designed specifically for this season, which gave it the edge in competition leading to it winning both the 1952 and 1953 championships. Having won all but one race it entered, it still stands as the most successful car in the history of the sport.


The Model

This is based on the 1:20 scale Model Factory Hiro kit. These kits are built up from metal and resin parts and have a high level of detail out of the box, including the realistic 4 cylinder engine. I have added the accelerator cable, fuel and brake lines in this area as they were noticeable by their absence. The rear fuel cap was replaced for a more detailed version, with working hinge. The rivets around the body work were replaced with smaller, more accurate parts, each drilled and fixed individually.

Completed February 2013


Ferrari Tipo 500