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Ford Escort Mk2 Rally







The Car

Following on from the success of the Mk1 Escort, Ford released the Mk2 in 1975. The Mk2 was also extremely successful as a rally car, winning the RAC Rally every year from 1975 to 1979. Powered by a 2.0 litre engine, giving 250 bhp. The car was heavily strengthened, with the most visible signs of this being the widened wheel arches.


The Model

The model was built from the 1:24 Revell kit. The boot was cut open to allow extra details to be shown. Fuel and brake lines were ran throughout the car, and the engine had wiring added to represent HT leads along with power and fuel lines. An aftermarked aerial was fitted to the roof, and the grill was opened to see through to the engine. Bonnet pins were also fitted after the molded in versions were removed. A fire extinguisher was added inside, along with more wires and seat belts. It was painted with a custom yellow and white paint job, with the kit decals being scanned, colour changed and reprinted to match the new body colour, as the kit called for the car to be blue. The model was then heavily weathered to look like it had just returned from a muddy rally stage.

Completed May 2012


Ford Escort Mk2 Rally