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The Car

The MG TC was the first post-war car launched in 1945 by MG. Powered by a 1.2 litre engine it wasn’t powerful by today’s standards, producing only 54 BHP. MG produced 10,000 cars between 1945 and 1949. These cars are now highly collectible, going for thousands of pounds for clean examples.


The Model

This is based on the 1:16 Minicraft kit. When I started, it was planned to be a completely basic build with no extra’s, but upon examining the kit, I found there was a lot of hidden potential. Firstly I had to repair the wings and running boards due to a manufacturing fault that had left gaps in the parts. The doors were moulded separately so I used this to my advantage and created working hinges for them. The interior had the usual flocking treatment for the carpet, and the seats and door panels were covered with real leather. The body work was completely brush painted. The engine bay had wires ran all round to replicate the basic electrics on the real vehicle, along with a few missing parts added. Unfortunately, due to another flaw from the kit, the wheels have reacted with the tyres causing them to melt slightly over time.

Completed October 2006