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2014 Repsol Honda RC213V









The Bike

The RC213V was developed in 2012 for the MotoGP championship. This bike is the championship winning bike from the 2014 season, ridden by Marc Márquez. It is powered by a 1 litre engine, in a V-4 configuration.


The Model

The model was built from the 1:12 Tamiya kit. I used the detail fork set that is available for this kit, along with the exhaust and clutch from Top Studio which had just been released for the model. These both add to the completed look of the bike. It was painted with Zero Paints colour matched paints for this bike, which are vibrant flourescent colours. A few carbon fibre decals were used around the build to enhance it further.

Completed November 2016


2014 Repsol Honda RC213V