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2010 Yamaha YZR-M1







The Bike

This is the bike Valentino Rossi rode in the 2010 season of the Moto GP, where he came third over the season. The YZR-M1 is a bespoke racing bike. It has an in-line 4 cylinder engine, 6 of which were available for all 18 races of the season. Yamaha had to build an engine that was both fast, and reliable enough to cope with the punishment a Moto GP rider puts it through. Ultimately, they succeeded with this, with Rossi’s team mate, Jorge Lorenzo taking the championship on the same machine.


The Model

This is based on the 1:12 scale Tamiya kit. It was modified throughout with additional details and enhancements. The engine had all the nuts and bolts replaced with metal turned parts, and photo etch. The exhaust had the addition of muffler springs, and was painted to reflect heat staining.

The kit chain was replaced with a fully working chain, that was built up from individual links and rivets. Additional details included clutch and brake attachments, wheel nuts and bolts, and chain tensioner bolts, metal steering damper and turned front forks. Other screws, rivets and photo etched bolt heads were fitted throught the build and the body.

Completed January 2011


Yamaha YZR-M1