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Yamaha XV1600









The Bike

Introduced in 1999, Yamaha are still making the XV1600, also known as the Road Star or Wild Star in different countries. It is powered by a 1600cc engine, driving the rear wheel via a belt rather than the more traditional chain. There have been a few changes over the years, including a slight increase in engine size and the addition of electronic fuel injection. It is a typical ‘cruiser’ style bike, built for a laid-back riding style, not for speed.


The Model

This is one of my early models, and only my second bike built. It is from the 1:12 Tamiya kit. It has been completely brush painted, and using the original chrome from the kit. No additional parts were used, but attention was paid to ensure each part was individually detail painted to ensure a realistic appearance while on the shelf.

Completed October 2006


Scale Model of Yamaha XV1600 by Dalren Models