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Volkwagen Minibus









The Bus

Produced in 1950, the Volkswagen Type 2 has gained a vast following over the years. The early buses us the air-cooled 1100cc engine mounted at the rear. The VW Type 2 has a variety of uses, from use as a minibus, van, campervan to name a few. Most have been customised by the owners, adding a uniqueness to each one on the roads today.


The Model

The model is built from the 1:24 Revell kit. I built this with my nephew to help him learn how to use an airbrush, as well as other skills required for model making. As such, it was built as standard with no extra’s added. Attention was paid to getting a nice even paint finish and creating a ‘clean’ build for him, without any noticeable glue marks etc.

The surf board was scratch built by myself to complement the bus and adds a little bit of character to the displayed model.

Completed September 2011


Volkswagen Minibus