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Airbus A-320









The Aeroplane

The Airbus A320 is a commercial twin-engine aircraft, primarily built in France and Germany. Although the A320 was first designed in the 1980's, it has gone through a number of upgrades to keep it upto date with technology and competitors. The aircraft depicted here, belonging to Swiss Air is a 2013 model with sharklets at the end of the wings.


The Model

This was built from the 1:144 scale Zvevda kit. This was my first experience with this kit manufacturer, but I'm sure it won't be my last. It has a mix of areas with high and low detail. It has been designed to allow the front door to be open, to allow visibility inside, but the interior and visible cockpit are very basic which lets it down. Another nice touch is that they have made all the flaps seperate to allow for displaying in various positions. As I was building this 'in-flight' this was not really an issue. This was a special build for my young daughter to replicate the first aeroplane she flew on. I sourced an aftermarket decal set from DrawDecal in the US. They provided all the names and a variety of numbers to allow me to match the name and markings for the actual plane we flew on to make it extra special. I replaced the kits stand with a piece of clear acrylic for the upright part and my dad made a wooden base for me.

Completed April 2017


Airbus A-320