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shelby daytona







The Car

Designed by Pete Brock, the Shelby Daytona was built as a race car to compete against Ferrari’s in the GT class in the 60’s. It was a replacement to the Shelby Cobra, with an aerodynamic design to give it a faster top speed on the long straights of the European race tracks. Only 6 originals were built which makes this one of the rarest historic racing cars that can be seen.

The Model

This model is the 1:24 kit produced by Model Factory Hiro. It has a resin body, with the rest being built up with white metal and photo etched parts. The MFH kits add an extra challenge to the build process due to the casting of the parts. There is a lot more work involved in clean up and test fitting prior to assembly. It has a very detailed engine bay with an authentic scale 289 engine and drivetrain.

Completed December 2008


Shelby Daytona