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Ferrari 328 GTB







The Car

Ferrari released the Ferrari 328 in 1985 to replace the 308. Although based on the 308, there were a number of changes made to the engine and body style. Ferrari stopped production in 1989, having built 7400 models. It is powered by a 3.2 litre V8, providing 270bhp.


The Model

This is built from the 1:24 Hasegawa kit. The engine was drilled out and wires and hoses ran throughout the engine bay. A lot of research went into the routes various hoses and wires took through the car, including those from the front radiators. The kit shock absorbers were replaced with scratch-built versions to increase the realism of the model. Photo etched parts were also used throughout the build to enhance the details, including vented brake disks. The interior was flocked, detail painted and seatbelts added. All of the individual knobs have been painted to match the original car. The final details added were scratch built working hinges for the engine cover. These were made to match the real working hinges down to scale and location allowing the hood to be left open or closed without any additional supports or removal of any parts.

Completed June 2011


Ferrari 328 GTB