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Plymouth Hemi Cuda









The Car

Made by Plymouth, the Barracuda was made between 1964 and 1974, with a major design change in 1970. The ‘Cuda was the high performance model powered by a 7.0 litre V8 Hemi engine, with upgraded suspension and structural changes to be able to cope with the power. As the cars were built in low volume due to lack of interest at the time, they are now highly valued as collector cars, demanding high prices for original condition cars.


The Model

This is built from the 1:24 Revell kit. It was painted with a custom candy purple paint with a interior. The body moulding had a serious problem where it joined with the front valance, which instructions called to be fitted after the installation of the interior. As I wanted to fix this, I fitted the valance first, modified it to be flush and then painted. I then modified the chassis slightly to accept the body with the valance already fitted. With it having a full engine in the kit, I added various details to the engine bay including photo etched throttle linkages and a scratch-built spring, fuel lines, brake lines, and electrical wiring. The interior had the usual flocking detail added along with seatbelts and photo etched buckles. The bonnet pins were moulded in parts in the kit, which I carefully removed and replaced with photo etched parts, and real pins mounted above the grill. Thin wire was ran for the hood pin clips to prevent them getting lost, as these are fully working.

Completed April 2011


Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda