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Willys MB Jeep






The Truck

The Willys MB Jeep was manufactured for the US Army from 1941 through to 1945. Having 4 wheel drive, and being small and light, it was the perfect vehicle for cross country travel. Following the war, Willys made the Jeep available to the public as a civilian jeep, labled simply as the CJ model. There were a few minor differences beween the military version and the civilian version but mechanically they were the same.


The Model

This was built from the Tamiya 1:24 scale kit, along with extensive use of photo-etched parts. My vision for the jeep was an ex-military vehicle, converted for use on safari's. The tiger on the bonnet was airbrushed and details added by hand. Larger wheels and tyres were fitted for better off-road use. The Jeep was weathered to reflect heavy use, and I made a simple diorama base to finish it off.

Completed November 2013



Willys Jeep