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The Car

Ferrari build the LaFerrari as a hybid, using the KER's system developed by the Formula 1 team. The car is built as a road going car, based on the track only FXX. Powered by a 6.3 litre V12 engine and assisted with an additional 161bhp motor to provide a total power output of 950bhp, rocketing it to a top speed of nearly 220mph.


The Model

Built from the Tamiya 1:24 kit and the Hobby Design detail set. The kit out of the box has a great level of detail in it, but the Hobby Design set takes it to another level. I used the Tamiya carbon fibre set for this build, and also added some Scale Motorsport carbon fibre decal on the roof and top of the doors. It was painted with Zero paints and cleared with their 2k diamong clear. This was the first time using that clear and it has a really nice deep shine to it. I also got some flocking material which I used on the top of the dash, door panels and roof lining. I replaced the kit emblem decals with embossed versions on both the doors and wheels. There were a lot of extra details I also added, like an ingition key, 12v socket on the bottom of the dash, rivets on the door sills, extra wiring and a few other bits tthat the kit and detail set were missing.

A first for me was to create a YouTube build diary for this, which can be found here: YouTube build diary

Completed September 2017


Ferrari LaFerrari