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Cargo Truck Diorama









The Truck

Built by GMC in America during WW2, these trucks became hugely popular due to the adaptability of the chassis for carrying various loads, along with it’s on and off road ability. They were used extensively for carrying personnel and goods wherever they were needed. In total, 810,000 trucks were produced. The US military sold these trucks off in the 1950’s to various collectors, museums and private owners.


The Model

The truck kit is built from the 1:35 Tamiya kit, with the building made by Mini Art. A number of aftermarket parts were used including photo etch parts extensively used throughout the truck build. In addition, aftermarket fuel cans and oil drums were added for the load, with a camouflage net covering it over. The truck was weathered with oil washes, dry brushing and then airbrushed to resemble mud splashes. The base had similar weathering treatment to make the road and building look as realistic as possible, and fake grass added for extra detail.

Completed September 2013


Cargo Truck Diorama